Preparing for your first remodel?

Many of our clients are working with a contractor for the first time, so we’ve put together this outline to demystify the steps. Once we’re on-board, we guide you through your remodel, from idea to blueprint to the last item on the punch list.

Project drawings (also called plans or blueprints). Since the drawings include all your home improvement ideas, they are the essential road map for your project. Your architect will produce them, or we can refer you to an architect who is perfect for your job. For small, simple projects, we can provide the plans.
Because of lead times on material orders, it’s best to choose finishes and fixtures at this stage of your project. Our team can help you decide, as well as direct you to quality suppliers. We also coordinate delivery to your home when the order comes in.

  1. Estimate. Your completed drawings allow us to create an estimate for your entire project. Taking into account your material selections, we calculate the cost of transforming your home. If you haven’t yet selected countertops, bathroom tile or flooring, we incorporate an allowance for each one, based on whether you’re budgeting for mid-range or high-end purchases.
    We collect the lesser of 10% of the project estimate or $1,000 when you sign the contract. As we reach completion milestones during the job, you’ll be invoiced for a corresponding percentage of the job cost.

Building permits. We take the blueprints to your city’s planning office and walk them through the approval process. When we get the OK, we call you to schedule the start of your project.

Remove existing structure and fixtures. The messiest part of the job, but don’t worry. We isolate the dust and debris with plastic walls and enter the rooms through zippered doors.

Structural construction. We build the framework, and follow with installation of plumbing, electrical and heating/air conditioning.

City inspections. Inspectors check the structural, electrical, plumbing and HVAC for building code compliance before it’s hidden behind walls and floors.

Drywall and flooring installation. After the close-in inspections, we finish the walls and floors.

Install cabinets, countertops, appliances and fixtures. Then, we apply the finishing touches and paint, followed by a final clean up.

Examine your beautiful new rooms and note any spots that need our attention. We’ll go down your punch list, item by item, and polish up the last details.

Our final walk-through with you, to make saure you’re happy with the finished project. Once we’ve taken care of your punch list items, we ask for your last payment, the remaining 10% of the project cost.